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Enabling Annotation Emission

To enable annotation emissions for Kubecost two flags must be set to true, one for pod annotations and one for namespace annotation. To accomplish this there are two primary methods, through helm or updating the values.yaml file. These values are defaulted to false so will need to be set to true for annotations to be emitted.

On a helm install or upgrade command include the flags

--set kubecostMetrics.emitPodAnnotations=true


--set kubecostMetrics.emitNamespaceAnnotations=true

Note that these flags can be set independently– setting one of these to true and the other to false will emit one and not the other.

For example

helm upgrade kubecost kubecost/cost-analyzer --namespace kubecost --set kubecostMetrics.emitNamespaceAnnotations=true --set kubecostMetrics.emitPodAnnotations=true

In the values.yaml file set the following values:


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