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Kubecost Core Architecture Overview

Below are the major components deployed with the Kubecost helm chart, excluding certain Enterprise components such as durable storage:

  1. Kubecost Cost-Analyzer Pod
    a. Frontend – runs Nginx and handles routing to Kubecost backend + Prometheus/Grafana
    b. Kubecost server – backend for API calls
    c. Cost-model – provides cost allocation calculations and metrics, both reads and writes to Prometheus
  2. Prometheus
    a. Prometheus server – time-series data store for cost & health metrics
    b. Kube-state-metrics – provides Kubernetes API metrics, e.g. resource requests
    c. Node-exporter – provides node-level utilization metrics for right-sizing recommendations and cluster utilization [Optional]
    d. Pushgateway – provides the ability for users to push new metrics to Prometheus [Optional]
    e. Alertmanager – used for custom alerts [Optional]
  3. Network costs – optional DaemonSet for collecting network metrics learn more
  4. Grafana – provides supporting dashboards for Kubecost product [Optional]

Today, the core Kubecost product can be run with just components 1, 3a, and 3b.

See an overview of core components in this diagram:

Architecture Overview

Enterprise architecture overview

The most common implementation of durable storage in the Kubecost application is with Thanos. Below is a high-level reference for the required components. More information on each Thanos component can be found here.

Thanos Overview

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