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Kubecost Business Features

Kubecost helps teams with cost and capacity management in Kubernetes-based environments. We help teams to reduce spend while also improving performance and reliability. For medium-sized teams and companies with more complex infrastructure you need the right features in place for efficiency, administration, and security. Kubecost Business offers even more features and control so that any team can use our products, according to your entire organization’s standards.

Multi-cluster visibility

View all Kubernetes clusters by easily toggling between each individual cluster. Supports installation of Kubecost across an unlimited number of individual clusters.

Long-term metric retention & saved reports

Retain spend, allocation, and efficiency data for up to 30 days. Provides custom reports saving for easily sharing across teams.

Team alerts & updates

Kubecost alerts allow teams to receive updates on real-time Kubernetes spend. Learn more

Business support

Direct engineering and product support via Slack channel, video, and phone.

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