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Advanced Reporting

Kubecost Advanced Reporting allows teams to sculpt and tailor custom reports to easily view the information they care about. Providing an intersection between K8s Allocation and Cloud Assets data, this tool provides insight into important cost considerations.

Kubecost Advanced Reporting UI

Report Configurations

A UI is provided as a means to manage the configurations which make up a report.

Configuration Description
Aggregate By Field by which to aggregate Allocation results. cluster, namespace, etc.
Asset Breakdown Field to control how Cloud Asset data is grouped.
Data Source Grouping Used to map Asset and Allocation data. Ex: by default, a Allocation namespace is mapped to the Asset response via the label label:kubernetes_namespace. This field is used to override defaults.
Date Range At this time, only a window is provided (24h, 48h, 7d, 30d). Custom date ranges will follow in an upcoming release
Sharing Field to handle sharing configurations of the Allocation data.
Filters Used to filter Allocation information

Visual Add-Ons

Add-Ons or Visual Elements are used to enhance your report and provide a high-level view about the information important to you.

Note: This feature is currently disabled for this release.

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