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Windows Node Support


  • The cluster must have at least 1 linux node for the kubecost cost-model to run on
  • Taint the cost-model deployment’s pods to run on this node, eg: spec: nodeSelector: linux containers:
  • Taint the network-costs and node-exporter daemonset to run on linux nodes only, if using network-costs and node-exporter, eg: affinity: nodeAffinity: requiredDuringSchedulingIgnoredDuringExecution: nodeSelectorTerms: - matchExpressions: - key: operator: In values: - linux Today, we cannot deploy Kubecost or data collection daemonsets to windows nodes.


Collecting data about windows nodes is supported by Kubecost as of v1.93.0.

  • Accurate node and pod data exist by default, since they come from the kubernetes API
  • By default, we will be missing utilization data for pods on window nodes; pods will be billed based on request size. Kubecost can be configured to pick up utilization data for windows nodes; cadvisor must run on these nodes and be scraped. That scrape will happen by default, however cadvisor running on the node is not necessarily guaranteed, see