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Kubecost Enterprise Features

Kubecost helps teams with cost and capacity management in Kubernetes-based environments. We enable teams to reduce spend while also improving performance and reliability. For larger teams and companies with more complex infrastructure, you need the right features in place for efficiency, administration, and security. Kubecost Enterprise offers even more features and control so that any team can use our products, according to your entire organization’s standards.

Unified visibility across all Kubernetes clusters

View aggregate spend allocation across all environments by cluster, namespace, label, team, service, etc. As an example, this functionality allows you to see the cost of a namespace or set of labels across all of your clusters. An unlimited number of clusters is supported.

Long-term metric retention

Retain data for years with various durable storage options. Provides record keeping on spend, allocation, and efficiency metrics with simple backup & restore functionality.

Access control with SSO/SAML

Finely manage read and/or admin access by individual users or user groups. Learn more

Advanced custom pricing

Advanced custom pricing pipelines give teams the ability to set custom per-asset pricing for resources. This is typically used for on-prem and air-gapped environments, but can also be applied to teams that want to allocate internal costs differently than cloud provider defaults.

Advanced integrations

Connect internal alerting, monitoring, and BI solutions to Kubecost metrics and reporting.

Enterprise Support

Dedicated SRE support via private Slack channel and video calls. Expert technical support and guidance based on your specific goals.

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