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ETL Backup

Taking backups of your Kubecost data.

Your Prometheus retention window may be small (15 days by default) to reduce the amount of data stored, meaning if Kubecost’s ETL becomes lost or corrupted, it cannot be rebuilt from Prometheus for data older than the retention window. For this reason, you may wish to take backups of Kubecost’s ETL pipeline.

Via Script

The simplest way to back up Kubecost’s ETL is to create a copy locally to then send to the file storage system of your choice. We provide a script to do that.

Restoring from a backup

Untar the results of the etl-backup script into the ETL directory pod.

kubectl cp -c cost-model <untarred-results-of-script> <kubecost-namespace>/<kubecost-podname>/var/configs/db/etl

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